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Ryan Velting is an award-winning photographer, graphic designer and professional web developer based in West Michigan. Ryan is founder and owner of Grand Rapids design firm Rugged Moose, specializing in startup and small business web development, graphic design and branding. Ryan is also founder of soon-to-be-launched web and graphic design firm Brave Rhino, also in downtown Grand Rapids.

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Ryan Velting is owner of Grand Rapids Michigan web design firm Rugged Moose. Founded in 2009, Rugged Moose specializes in web design and development for startups and small businesses. Ryan acts as lead designer/developer on all web design, graphic design and brand identity projects.

Ryan’s soon-to-be-launched company Brave Rhino will also handle web design and development for businesses, with a slightly different business model.

While some web designers specialize in certain aspects of the web design process, Ryan covers them all:

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web design

ryan's areas of expertise

User Interface
Design (UI)
Graphic and User Interface Design

User interface design (UI), also referred to as user interface engineering, is the design of user interfaces, think menus, layout and sitemaps, with a concentration on maximizing the user experience.

Software Generated HTML

Software, either desktop or run within a users web browser, that allows editing and create web pages in a graphical interface. The web authoring tool then generates the HTML (Java, CSS, etc) to be used in the website.

User Experience
Design (UX)
(UX, UXD, UED or XD)

User Experience Design (most often UX) concentrates mainly on user satisfaction through ease of use, accessibility, and overall usability between the website (navigation menu, buttons, controls, etc) and the user.

Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)
Getting Web Traffic to your Website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critical, and every website Ryan builds is carefully planned to perform well in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. For existing clients, Ryan offers full SEO services with proven results.

Website Content Management

Planning for and creating all aspects of usable, useful content for use throughout the website and/or marketing material. Content can be written page copy, images, concepts or other media that can be conveyed to the user.

Website Structure Planning

User Experience Design (most often UX) concentrates mainly on user satisfaction through ease of use, accessibility, and overall usability between the website (navigation menu, buttons, controls, etc) and the user.

Client-Side Development

Creating HTML, Javascript and CSS that the user interacts with through their internet browser is called Front-end Web Development, also referred to as client-side development. This includes things like sliders, fonts, menus, etc.

Server-Sided Development

Back-End Development is web developing on the server side, as in coding. This has to do with editing the actual code of a website, or manipulating code or settings that the user doesn’t have direct contact with.

Website Structure Planning

Infrastructure Architecture is the managing of the structure of the computing network, server and overall framework of a system/organization. Simply, it means assessing the overall IT needs, and creating an environment to support it, scale it and manage it.

Content Management Systems

Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and Ruby are examples of Content Management Systems (CMS). Generally graphical interfaces, CMS‘s allow the user to create, edit and manage web pages within a site, and most site content, all within the users web browser. WordPress is Ryan’s most often used CMS.

Wordpress Theme Development

Developing with WordPress since its beginning, as a blogging platform in 2003, Ryan has used WordPress extensively as a WordPress Developer and theme Developer. Check in with Ryan and ask him about WordPress!

Web Design
Website Design with WordPress

Wordpress has been Ryan’s primary web design solution since 2003. Planning, creating, optimizing and managing a WordPress sight properly takes time, knowledge and experience. WordPress web design, in the right hands is very powerful.

Wordpress Management
Managing WordPress

Like most dynamic websites, building and launching a site with WordPress is only the first step. Managing WordPress requires routine maintenance, patch and update installations, and monitoring to keep your site safe and secure.

Responsive Web
Responsive Website Design

Ryan has been designing responsive websites for many years, first in developmental testing, then for all customers beginning in 2009. And don’t be fooled, there are right and wrong ways to accomplish Responsive Web Design.

Scaling for Business Growth

Every business requirement is different, as is the future growth and need for environment scaling. Ryan helps clients look ahead at potential growth and creates a website environment designed for clients’ current and future scaling.

For a more detailed look at the web design services offered by Ryan Velting’s, visit the web design services page.

to sum up..

ryan velting creates websites..

Don’t speak “nerd”? We’ll sum it up – Ryan Velting creates beautiful, fully managed, functional websites, and is extremely passionate about what he does.

He’s a front-end developer who takes a minimalist approach where less is more. Ryan’s also a back-end developer, carefully crafting the code to be as “clean” and “lean” as possible, getting rid of any extra or unwanted code, while optimizing the site and structuring the server to run fast, secure and stable.

And don’t even get him started on WordPress.. Ryan has web developed with WordPress for a very long time, and knows its strengths and weaknesses. Having used many other CMS’s such as Drupal, Joomla and Ruby on Rails, Ryan recommends and uses WordPress 90% of the time.

Most of Ryan’s work is done through his web design company Rugged Moose. After decades of freelance web designing, Ryan finally went full-time with it, formally launching Rugged Moose in 2009. Specializing in startup and small business web development and graphic design, Rugged Moose has offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Rockford, Michigan.


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