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Ryan Velting is an award-winning photographer, graphic designer and professional web developer based in West Michigan. Ryan is founder and owner of Grand Rapids design firm Rugged Moose, specializing in startup and small business web development, graphic design and branding. Ryan is also founder of soon-to-be-launched web and graphic design firm Brave Rhino, also in downtown Grand Rapids.

ryan velting's position on outsourcing

made in the USA

Made in the USA. A simple statement to make, but sadly not all that common anymore. With the increase in costs of doing business stateside, “Made in the USA” is becoming far too uncommon in the design and development world.

Ryan Velting founded the Grand Rapids Michigan design firm Rugged Moose, a web development and graphic design company that generally works with startups and small businesses providing solutions such as website design, branding and graphic design.

With a “local first” approach, Ryan is passionate about working with clients and designers that are local. Neighbors and their businesses, local non-profits and charities, design students graduating and looking for work – all very important to Ryan.

Overseas Outsourcing? No. Absolutely not.

Even when completing design projects entirely in-house, there are still opportunities to outsource. Ryan is adamant on his position regarding overseas outsourcing. At no time, under any circumstance, on any part of any project, for any reason, regardless of cost, will overseas outsourcing ever be part of Ryan’s business model. Ever.

 Outsourcing Web Development

First, web development. Web developers aren’t cheap, especially developers that can be trusted to do a very highly technical job correctly. With developer income averages hovering right around $80,000 or so per year, the temptation to look to outsourcing can certainly sound appealing. There are all kinds of overseas outsourcing solutions, India, China and Pakistan to name a few. Are you going to trust someone overseas at $10/hr, someone that most of the time you never actually speak with, to do the job of an $80k a year web developer? Really??

 Outsourcing Graphic Design

Much the same can be said of Graphic Design outsourcing solutions. Again, you’re left relying on sub-par reliability, communication issues caused by language barriers, and a $10/hr worker turning out, well, $10/hr design work- if you’re lucky..

Almost all design projects Ryan turns out are handled entirely in-house. On design projects that require additional help, Ryan relies strictly on local developers and designers he knows personally, designers he can work side by side with under one roof. These designers are competent, reliable, professional and do amazing work.

Outsourcing IT Work

Being the super-nerd he is, Ryan can handle most IT and networking issues clients have. However, large IT jobs, projects under tight timeframes and schedule conflicts occasionally require some extra help. Again, local professionals Ryan has worked with for many years are trusted to step in and get the job done on time and on budget.

Outsourcing Photography

Photography is an important element with Ryan’s work. From photography for marketing pieces, to the photos used online for the company website, Facebook pages and social media spaces – good photography can make difference between looking like an amateur or looking spectacular. Your choice.

Ryan works with a couple local photographers when needed. Professional photographers are much more expensive than settling for stock photography, but make an incredible difference for his clients.

Outsourcing Web Solutions

Web solutions such as web hosting and web registrars are critically important to web design and development.  The companies Ryan partners with must have a long history of success, and Ryan insists these are American owned businesses, operating within the United States. Web hosting partners like WP Engine and Rackspace are premium web solutions, providing premium service and exceptional solutions for Ryan’s clients.

Made in the USA

So as you can see, Ryan insists that the companies he associates with, the companies he partners with, and the designers he hires and works with are locally based, and that no work or solution is outsourced. Made in the USA has meaning to Ryan. Made in the USA should matter.

Let’s be clear – Ryan never outsources any part of any job overseas. Ever.


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