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Ryan Velting is an award-winning photographer, graphic designer and professional web developer based in West Michigan. Ryan is founder and owner of Grand Rapids design firm Rugged Moose, specializing in startup and small business web development, graphic design and branding. Ryan is also founder of soon-to-be-launched web and graphic design firm Brave Rhino, also in downtown Grand Rapids.

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So, branding.. Ryan Velting plans, crafts and manages brands.

First, what a brand and branding is not..

Branding is not a product.. a color scheme.. or a font.  Branding is not a name or even the company logo.

Sure, a great company logo is critical in creating a strong brand as is a well-planned company website and social media strategy. While strong company branding certainly does involve a killer logo, a proper font (typeface) and all the other physically recognizable brand aspects, creating a strong brand involves so much more than this.


Building a strong brand involves ConsistencyHow? By being consistent with every aspect of your company, from its culture and core beliefs to the way your company engages with customers online in social media spaces. A brand involves the “voice” used on the website, blog and Facebook page as well as all marketing material. Brochures, flyers and emails – every marketing piece sent is an opportunity for you to create a consistent, harmonious Brand.


Apart from obvious physical aspects of “branding” like logo design, Ryan is hypervigilant about branding in everything he does for clients. From how a menu functions on the website to the font chosen for a marketing piece, the smallest details of every aspect are scrutinized.


Branding is baked into the websites Ryan creates, from the initial planning stages all the way through launch. Business cards, stationary and internal memos – Everything is carefully planned to create a very strong brand.

There is naturally some overlap between branding and graphic design. Trying to avoid repetitiveness, some information you may be looking for will likely be found on our Graphic Design page.

about ryan

Ryan Velting founded design firm Rugged Moose in 2009. Rugged Moose specializes in web & graphic design and branding for startups and small businesses. Ryan acts as lead on all graphic design, web design, and branding projects.

Since opening, and with Ryan as lead on all design projects, Rugged Moose has tackled non-stop projects ranging from simple logo design to full out corporate brand identity projects. Ryan’s diverse client list ranges from attorneys to green roof companies, churches to local landscaping companies.


ryan & branding

Carefully define your Brand

What does your company have to offer, and what makes your product/service a better solution than your competitors? Identify target markets, establish company mission and decide what qualities you want associated with your company. Define your brand very carefully.

Clear and Concise

Consistent, clear, strategic branding builds a strong brand. Create a clear Brand Strategy and promote it internally and externally. build a strong image that creates an emotion bond.

Building Brand Equity

How much value does your brand bring to your company? Build brand equity by building brand awareness. Clearly communicate what your brand stands for. Be responsive to your customers and build relationships with them.


What Personality does your brand have?

Creating a voice that accurately reflects your brand is important, as your brand needs to have character and authentic personality. Find what is appropriate for your business and be consistent.

Create Strong
Visual Brand
Strong Logo & Visual Elements

The look and feel of your brand and use of company logo and other visual branding elements needs to be consistent and immediately recognizable, on everything from you website to stationary. Consistent consistent consistent..

Consistent Consistent
Be Consistent with Your Brand

Present your brand consistently in everything, both internal and external. Proudly use your brand elements whenever it makes sense to do so, in social media, advertising, and even internal communications between employees.

  * No, the icons above have absolutely nothing to do with the content they are displayed with.

to sum up..

ryan creates strong brands..

To put it very simply, Branding is at the very heart of everything Ryan Velting creates.

Website, marketing email or flyer, careful attention to Brand is critical. Ryan’s goal is to create a cohesive experience for anyone visiting the website, reading an advertising email, or even admiring your rockstar logo on the site of your office..

Consistency from one medium to another takes careful planning and often time-consuming execution, but goes a long way at creating loyal clients.

We’re keeping the information on Branding here a bit short, as we’ll go into much more detail on the Rugged Moose website.

Generally, most of Ryan’s Branding clients come to him for web design and logo work. Ryan does not typically take on Branding clients apart from website design, as the two naturally go hand on hand. Again, consistency – Stationary, Business Card, Vehicle Vinyl Wrap, Website, Product Packaging – Everything that people look at and read should be consistent, from Font to Color Scheme to Logo size and placement.

Most of Ryan’s work is done through his web design company Rugged Moose. After decades of freelance web designing, Ryan finally went full-time with it, formally launching Rugged Moose in 2009. Specializing in small business brand consulting, graphic design and web development. Rugged Moose has offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Rockford, Michigan.


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